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  knowledge about customers satisfaction criteria such as quality , delievery and price ,persuade  us to provide all facilities for production of our parts and assemblies ,because of these facilities  we   have a  very close   supervision on process and minimum out sourcing . it helps us to compensate unpredictable events...


Kico  is producing parts in accordance with PSA norms(French company/manufacturer of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles)  we  have also achieved ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 for auto industry activities . we are distinguished by  SAFETY PARTS CERTIFICATION and GRADE A CERTIFICATION from SAPCO .

About Us

About Us

Sanat Gostar Kharazmi company has been working with the brand name Techno Metal in field of producing auto parts and industrial molds since 1984 and was founded in 1997 with the modern organization and structure. The company now has two sites with an area of 16000 sequare meters and 7000 ...


We supply more than 60 parts and assemblies for OEM . 95% of our products are dedicated for SAPCO ( IRANKHODRO ) and SAZEH GOSTAR  (SAIPA) We sell them more than 2 millions parts per year through long term contracts.

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Sanat Gostar Kharazmi vision

Due to  development of auto industries in iran , kicoir has an investing  plan.

We try to make international links to well known and experienced producers for technology  transfer  and    developments in products and engineering process.

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