our services


knowledge about customers satisfaction criteria such as quality , delievery and price ,persuade  us to provide all facilities for production of our parts and assemblies ,because of these facilities  we   have a  very close   supervision on process and minimum out sourcing .

it helps us to compensate unpredictable events which may affect our process.

List of machinery :

Press shop  : C and H Frame machines  , from 60 tons to 160 tons for G3 AND G4  dies.

Plastic injection machine for 100  to 300 gr.

Electrostatic  painting line

Different welding equipments

Guillotine and decoilers

Set of die making tools such as CNC ,sparking, shapers

This chain of equipments provides ability to do job on time .

Kicoir laboratory consists general testing facilities like :

Hardness test  , tensile strenghth  test  machine , salt spray bath ,force and torqe  meters.

more than that there are endurance specialized machine for our  products and assemblies.
Equipment for testing door latches performance and endurance is set in our labratory and these equipment which are installed by kiekert company are validated by standard organization.